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The most important and generally applicable basis for all transactions are the conditions stipulated in paragraphs 86 and 86 A of the STGB, which you have already agreed to by virtue of completion of the registration process.


All articles are insured by WW2-Antiques and are shipped through Deutsche Post, DHL, UPS or FEDEX. WW2 antiques do not undertake any uninsured posting of goods.

All costs and risks of said shipping are borne by the buyer.

WW-2 antiques dispatches goods world-wide.

Minimum Order:

The minimum order consists of goods to the value of 20 Euro.

Customs Duties:

Should you be ordering the item from outside of the European Union, customs duties may accrue. You are liable for costs such as import duties or taxes.

Returning Goods:

Should the item not meet your expectations , the possibility exists of returning it to WW2 antiques within ten days of receipt thereof. Shipping and insurance costs for this must be paid by you.

Note that a refund is only possible if the item reaches WW2 Antiques in the same condition in which we dispatched it.

WW2 antiques will then refund the cost of the item after deducting any costs incurred in the transaction, such as postage, packing and insurance.

Handling of the items:

All goods offered by WW2 Antiques are collector’s items; they are by definition old and may show wear and tear and some damage. WW2 Antiques herewith emphatically states that none of the offered items are meant to be used for their original intended purpose, they are solely meant to be seen as collector’s items.
Items of clothing, for instance, are not meant to be worn and optical instruments and compasses are not meant to be used for purposes of navigation.

Classification and Description:

WW2 Antiques undertakes to describe the items to the best of our abilities in colloquial German. A certain basic knowledge is however expected on the part of interested parties.
For example, the “Verwundetenabzeichen in Gold” was not manufactured using the metal gold.

Any English description is intended only as an aid for our international customers, the description in German is however legally binding.

Illustration of the items:

WW2 Antiques takes great care to ensure that the items are photographed in such a manner as to accurately represent the actual item in question. For technical reasons, however, it is impossible to avoid that there may be small differences between the item and its photograph, especially as concerns coloration.

Should a picture display other items as well, such as decorations on a jacket, for instance, these are not included in the price unless specifically stated as such.

Mistakes and Corrections:

It is possible that there may be mistakes or inaccuracies on the webpages of WW2 Antiques. We reserve the right to correct any mistakes without providing reasons. Should you spot any mistakes, please inform us.


WW2 Antiques guarantees that the items on offer all originate in the indicated time periods. This means, for example, that an item offered as “German, 2nd World War”, was manufactured before the 8th May 1945.
WW2 Antiques does not knowingly sell replicas or copies. Should an item turn out to be a copy, WW2 Antiques will accept the return of said item and refund the cost thereof, after deduction of the costs involved in shipping. This guarantee is open-ended, i.e. it does not have any limitations time-wise.

Please contact WW2 Antiques if you have any queries as to how an item can be identified as a copy.


It is possible to reserve items priced at 500 Euros and up. Such a reservation is possible for a two month period after which the item has to be fully paid for. Such reservations require a deposit of 33% of the full price of the item in question.
Should the buyer decide to not buy the reserved item, WW2 Antiques will charge an eight percent handling fee for the transaction. The balance of the deposit, after subtraction of any bank charges that were incurred, will be returned to the buyer.


The payment for items ordered from WW2 Antiques must be made in advance. This can be done via bank transfer or by means of a credit card (Visa) payment. Payment via “Paypal” is not possible. Payment must be made in Euro and the credit card statement will reflect this accordingly.

Consignment Deals:

WW2 Antiques also accepts items on consignment. WW2 Antiques charges a commission of 15% of the sales price of the item. Items sold on consignment are not covered by the same guarantees as pertain to authenticity as in regards to standard items.
Should the buyer be unhappy with an item sold by us on consignment, he needs to ship it back to us at his expense within 5 days. Should the item not be shipped back within 5 days, we will consider the sale as having been concluded and will pay out the previous owner of said item.

WW2 Antiques does its utmost to ensure that only items are sold on consignment that:

  1. Originate from known and trusted sources.
  2. Are of such quality that they would be included in our own collection.
  3. Illustrations and descriptions are created by WW2 Antiques.

The item on consignment will be kept in storage at WW2 Antiques for the time that it is on offer. Such an item must be available to WW2 Antiques for a minimum period of 2 months. Should the owner wish to have the item returned before the end of this period, WW2 Antiques will charge him a handling fee of 60 Euro for the work undertaken in terms of photography, product description and placement on the website.

Buying of Items:

WW2 Antiques is always interested in buying items or possibly in swopping them for items we have in stock.

As regards both the buying and swopping of items, the following criteria must be taken into consideration:

  1. The items have to be originals.
  2. WW2 Antiques buys items with the intention of selling them, therefore the prices at which we buy must be lower than our sales prices.
  3. The items in question must be sent to us, whereupon we will satisfy ourselves as to their authenticity, before we agree to buy them.


The copyright for illustrations and text on this website is held by WW2 Antiques, any use of any kind without the express written permission by WW2 Antiques is not permitted.


Location of business and magisterial district:

Location of business and magisterial district are 15232 Frankfurt (Oder), Germany

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